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Operation Enduring Warrior featured in my video:

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Arnel Banawa: Please state your full name, and where you are from?

Benjamin Boucher:  Benjamin Morin Boucher, and I'm from Quebec, Canada

Arnel Banawa: How were you introduced to the world of Obstacle Course Racing, and which race do you blame for your addiction? 

Benjamin Boucher: I did one Spartan Race in 2012 just trying that type of race and I liked it! You need to be good on every physical aspects, and this is why I fell in love with this sport.

Arnel Banawa: You have a very impressive track record for winning all the races in Canada, do you think that the OCR athletes in the US are a lot more competitive?

Benjamin Boucher: The USA has a lot more races, more racers, Cash Prizes, so yes I feel that it is more competitive in the US.

Arnel Banawa:  Before OCR, what type of sports did you participate in, and do you still include those sports in between your OCR schedule?

Benjamin Boucher:  At the age of 5 years old, I started to play Hockey and I stopped playing at 17. I played many sports in school and now sometimes with the army, but I am currently focused on my race training.

Arnel Banawa:  As far as training, where do you train, what type of workouts do you do, and how often do you train every week?

Benjamin Boucher:  I train 6 days on 7

Where: Outside, at the Base Gym, at home depending on what im training.

Workouts: Running, Hills, Muscular, lower body, upper Body in more details!

Arnel Banawa:  Is there anywhere in Canada that would compare to the terrain that you endured at the Vermont Beast? How was your overall experience at the Spartan Race World Championships in Vermont last year?

Benjamin Boucher:  The Ottawa Spartan Beast is a tough one too (Long and lot of hills) but... nothing compares with the Vermont Beast! I was not prepare for this race, I need to be better prepared for long distance race events.

Arnel Banawa:  Would you ever consider doing the Spartan Ultra Beast?

Benjamin Boucher:  No, I am an intensity racer and im not patient haha =)

*Watch the Spartan Race World Championships: (Vermont 2013)

Arnel Banawa:  Are you a sponsored athlete, if so, who are your sponsors?

Benjamin Boucher:  No, I don't have sponsors. I do wear kronobar T­-Shirts to hlp Rose­Marie with his company.


Arnel Banawa:  As far as your OCR gear, what type of shoes are you currently wearing? Why do you prefer those shoes?

Benjamin Boucher:  Inov­8 X Talon 190, They are light, agressive and they do not absorb the mud and water.

Arnel Banawa:  OCR is a growing sport, what would you tell someone who has never participated in a race before, what kind of advice would you give him?

Benjamin Boucher:  For those who want to race seriously, just be ready, Train hard, have a lot of discipline and don't give up! For those who want to race for fun, just have fun!

Arnel Banawa:  So what do you do for the Canadian Forces, what exactly do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking?

Benjamin Boucher:  My profession is Gunner, in Artillery. I'm working at the 5RALC (5ième Régiment d'Artillerie Légère du Canada) On Valcartier Base, Quebec.

Arnel Banawa:  So by now you have heard about the OCR World Championships, and other companies such as Warrior Dash who will be organizing their own Championship Events, will you be attending some of these events outside of Spartan Race?

Benjamin Boucher:  For now I am just focusing on Spartan Races and it is difficult to do all the events with the job but if one day I have the opportunity to race where I want to, I will Travel for events like this!


Arnel Banawa:  I haven't heard of any Canadian-­based OCR companies out there, are their any out there?

Benjamin Boucher:  Hmm Yes I know some of them.

We have:

­Prison Break

­Xman Race


And many new ones.


Compete for $10,000 - Create a team or run for fun! EXTREME NATION

(WATCH THE FULL RACE VIDEO from Zephyrhills, FL - 2014 - Click Here)

Arnel Banawa:  When you are not racing or training for races, what do you do for fun?

Benjamin Boucher:  If I'm not Racing or Training...Nothing Haha!!  If I'm not at the job, on a run or at the gym i'm just relaxing...I don't have a particular hobby :)

Arnel Banawa:  If money or time was not an issue, what would you be doing, and where would you be right now?

Benjamin Boucher:  The best scenario for me : Live only for training and not thinking about any things in life!!

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Tampa Special Ops Spartan Sprint - 2014


Click here to view the Race Results and Photos!

Check out the VIDEO of my team (Team Dynasty OCR) at the Tampa Special Ops Sprint:

(Video by: Fermin Banawa)

(Laura Messner and I at the Tampa Special Ops Spartan Sprint in Tampa FL 2014)

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The Extreme Nation Inaugural Event in Zephyrhills, Fl brought in the top elite athletes from all over the country to compete for over $40,000 in prize money. Enjoy the video:



1) Spartan Pro Team  2) Team OCR Gear  3) ORM - Obstacle Racing Media


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(Photos: Matthew Dolitsky)

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I was definitely IMPRESSED with this Warrior Dash event in Lake Wales, Florida. The event took place at Triple Canopy Ranch on February 1st, 2014. Although I lost one of my cameras at the race, I was able to create a video with the footage that I did have. I hope my camera turns up, and if it does, stay tuned for another video =) In the meantime, enjoy this one, and I'll see you at the next race!

Huge thanks to Coach Jay Flores for assisting me with this video, and coaching members of our Team Dynasty OCR group. Please connect with him here!

Arnel Banawa is a P90X Coach with Team Dynasty OCR, Internet Entrepreneur, OCR Athlete and Blogger - Connect with him!

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